From idea to sketch to finished Art.

So I want to share a little about my thought process with you – Some artists take days to think of an idea, some take days to complete the work. Everyone is different.

I think the hardest thing for me to do is find an idea and think about it enough to put it down on paper. I like to start with an idea or a feeling first then I trial different ideas in my head.

Note to self: – I really have to start drawing everything down!

My trusty notebook and Moleskin Journal
My trusty notebook and Moleskin Journal

I keep my “Stop Thinking, Start Doing” Journal at my desk so any Etsy related ideas can be entered quickly. Ideas then get transferred into visual form in my Moleskin Journal. I love these, great paper weight and archival qualities. Only downside is it has kind of a waxy finish so inks don’t do so well. Pen and paints have a great effect though.

Pending Ideas for Blog Topics
Pending Blog Ideas

I currently have a list of ideas for this blog I wrote down. One of them was trending items. This got me thinking about the trending themes for the season on Etsy’s blog. Bright colours and geometrics stood out to me and I wanted to create a clean minimalistic painting immediately!

Abstract Sketch
Rough Abstract Sketch

After a quick pencil sketch I knew I wanted to try out coral and turquoise – I think they are a lovely combination. I also like the pop of yellow it really balances the soft coral and turquoise.
A short while later I had a finished piece.

Half Circles Abstract Print
Abstract Half Circles Print – Click to view at my Etsy Store

Geometric Abstract Print 8x12
Geometric Abstract Minimalist Print 8×12 – Click to view at my Etsy Store

I hope this was informative for you to see behind the scenes to create a piece of art from me. I also hope this was a good first post!
As always leave me comments I would love to hear from you and find out if you have any feedback or ideas for me!

Enjoy and live for the day!

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