Inspiration Fridays – “Take a step back”

Starting a business is hard work. Doing it after a full time job is even harder. But this is what I want to do.

After 5 months of constantly updating, editing, amending, creating, photographing, commenting, following, researching I told myself to stop and take a step back. This past week I have only done 1 thing for my shop and it wasn’t the end of the world. I am still thinking about my shop 24/7 so I will have to work on telling my brain to take a break!

Everyone is constantly saying you need to be active to get exposure and sales; update facebook, your blog, your shop multiple times daily. That may work for some people but I honestly see it as junk on my facebook time line or in my inbox. Find what you feel comfortable and post your best work.

Just breathe.

I had a nice ‘break’ but can’t wait to do some creating on the weekend. What will you be up to?

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