Inspiration Fridays – “Insight”

I am really interested in Creative people, actually in analytical people too. I find it really interesting to find out how someone learns or sees the world.

Whenever I am training someone at work I always ask – “How do you like your instructions – ‘written down visually with screen shots step by step’ or ‘explanined to you step by step'”?
For me being a visual person I love making screen shot step by step instructions – I can easily follow those directions but take a little more time with written only instructions.

I stumbled across a documentary the other day and have only just started watching it but 10 minutes in I am excited to see the rest of the show
(I found it on Youtube for you all to watch)

Click the link below – *Warning it is quite long at 58 minutes*

[Youtube Video] BBC’s How to be more creative

I thought it would be about drawing techniques and tips for being creative, but it is more about the science behind why we are creative. Going all the way into the parts of the brain that cause ‘insights’. Insights are “a sudden realisation there is another way of doing something”. Like what happens when you solve a puzzle.
There are two types of insights “Analytical” and “Creative/insight” and the brain uses different areas to solve problems.

Most fascinating is for creative insights the brain shuts down part of your visual distractions the moment before you realize the answer!

Something to try – Shutting your eyes when thinking of an idea – did it work for you?

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