Advertising efforts: Facebook Ad’s


I have been feeling a bit slack as I haven’t been creating as much recently but I have been trying to promote my shop.
I felt it was time after 6 months of human effort to actually try some paid advertising.
Being a new shop I am very aware of spending too much money so I wanted to start with a small budget.

I have tried 3 different sites of advertising; Facebook ads, a Banner on Jane’s Apple, and a banner on

Here are the results for Facebook Ad’s

Facebook Ad’s
$5 spend – $1 per day maximum

Target demographic:

  • Female ages 25-50
  • Australian
  • Who like #Etsy

Potential Reach 74,000 people

Actual Reach

  • 1136 impressions
  • 7 Clicks
  • 1 Page Like

Facebook Sponsored stories (Free with Facebook ads)

  • Female ages 25-50
  • Australian
  • Who like #Etsy
  • Are friends of people who like Joanouk

Actual Reach

  • 49 impressions
  • 3 Clicks
  • 3 Page Likes

Verdict: While my ad was seen by many people who don’t know me the combination of my logo (Joanouk on a coloured background) and not an instant recognizable name resulted in less clicks and likes. I probably wont try this kind of advertising soon as it wasn’t very targeted and the broad range of people who likes #Etsy may not like Art.

Improvement: In future I could play around with different images that could better catch a persons eye and use different tag lines .

Have you tried Facebook advertising? Any tips to share to get more likes?

4 thoughts on “Advertising efforts: Facebook Ad’s

  1. FB gave me $50 in ads when I hit 500 followers so I used it, of course. I targeted my ads very carefully to only art lovers and a couple of other criteria. I got a bunch of good likers, I think, but think it’s expensive. Unless I really had something special to promote I don’t think I’d pay for FB ads.

    1. Oh cool – that’s a good thing to know. I think I had an email about free credit for ad’s but it had a coupon to use after I had created an ad. I didn’t want to start an ad and have to pay for it if the coupon didn’t work..
      Coupons should be applied before accepting the purchase.

    1. Thanks for the comment Kasia 🙂 I am learning! There are lots to learn when it comes to money and advertising which I have never done before. I am really excited as the exercise helped me identify what to do better next time.

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