Advertising Efforts:

Two weeks ago I paid for a small square of advertising on
I was really interested to see if it would help sales / pageviews. Below are my findings 🙂

$20 for September 16-30
Advertised to have over 70,000 impressions and around 300-400 page clicks
I chose the below picture that would be redirected to my main shop.






Looking over my google analytics data during this time I had:

45 clicks on the ad/ Main shop views
30 unique visitors
80 pageviews
Bounce rate was 60%
35.56% new visits
64.4% returning vistors

1 sale!

Well short of the projected 300-400 pageviews; it is dependent on what people are searching for and if my picture was eyecatching enough to interest people to click on.

Compare that to my shop stats of the first two weeks of September 1st – 15th.

71 Main shop views
22 unique visitors
125 pageviews
Bounce rate was 63.38%
16.90% new visits
83.1% returning vistors

I would try it again, but maybe wait until I have a special offer or new product to coincide. 🙂

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