Build A Little Biz Image Creator Class

After a long time bookmarking this class I finally sat down to Build A Little Biz and Karen’s Image creator class. You have to sign up for it and your receive a special password to 5 videos that explains step by step how creating new content with your brand with help in social media.

I won’t describe each step because a little but of homework will let you think about your business/ brand and what you want to say. It really helped me by having each section have its own video then I had time to work things out before playing the next video.

The 5 videos touch on:

Brand: Vibe, Fonts, colour hex #’s, design elements

Text: Describe purpose, pre write text

Plan: Jot down ideas how you want the image to look

Create: An overview of picmonkey and how to use

Share: Avenues where to share your image

I was scared at first but I think with a little practice I will be making share worthy images in no time!

joanouk ambition for tomorrow quote


Have you tried any visual marketing? Do you have any tips that you have learned along the way?

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