Embrace being an artist

I read the perfect quote in an email newsletter from Alyson B Stanfield – “Embrace the artist you are. Don’t play it down. Don’t apologise.”

It got me thinking to when I started really focusing on my dream and starting my business; one is explaining to people who know me what I am doing now – what I am wanting to do full time within 5 years.
Being an artist.
“Oh, like drawing and stuff?”
It’s that initial confusion when people don’t really understand. I first tried to play it down; “Oh it’s just a hobby, I want to see where it goes.. maybe .. hopefully..”
Now I have realised it is exactly what I want to do. I’m not sure of the specifics (Do I want to sell prints, originals, go into licencing, stationery?) but I am sure as hell I want to paint for the rest of my life instead of checking off spreadsheets for someone else.

joanouk embrace the artist quote

Be who you are.

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