Wednesday update: Small Everyday Art Ideas

How is everyones week going?

I think my head is going to explode as I have so many thoughts running through it. I go on two weeks leave from my full time job this Friday and I am so excited that I have time spare to brainstorm and create wonderful things.

I have also been thinking about ways I could make smaller art.
I currently sell 8×12 prints and while I love them I feel they are going to be those kind of pieces people save up for or wait a while until they find the right place for it.
I want to explore ways to get art into everyday life. (Without copying other peoples ideas!)

Some things I have thought about:

  • Photographic postcards (With or without quotes)
  • Sewing collage paper together somehow
  • Stickers
  • Notepads (Some I’ve seen are really expensive per item to get printed!)

I would love to hear your opinions/ ideas!

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