DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper Reindeer Garland

So I thought about a great idea for a Christmas decoration. I originally intended to list them in my online stores but as they are far from perfect I thought I would write up a DIY so you can make it yourself!

garland hanging

Step 1: Gather required materials

  • 1 meter ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paper template (more on that below)
  • Christmas wrapping paper


As my wrapping paper had sections already I just cut in the middle of the green row creating an equal amount of writing in middle with green on top and bottom. If there are no stripes on your paper I recommend finding a measurement that will create a good square size. For mine I used 13 cm high and then folded 13cm sections concertina style (folded one way then turn over to fold the other way)

wrapping paper strips

Cut out a piece of paper the same size as your square folded wrapping paper then decide on an image – I have used a reindeer because I love that they have antlers 🙂

Fold the piece of paper in half so you get a mirror image when unfolded

template cutout

After the image has been drawn and cut out, blu tak it onto the folded wrapping paper and now it is ready to be cut out.

There are some tricky corners but generally this is an easy design.

template on paper

Below is what it will look like once you cut around it. All that is left to do is remove the template and hang!

template cutout and paper

I can’t wait to find more DIY things to decorate with. Do you have any suggestions?

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