27 Ways To Treat Yourself After A Hard Day

I am in a weird mood and wondering what I can do to treat myself after working so hard for so long – This list is great and I am only up to number 9!

Thought Catalog

1. Bubble bath with rose petals in the water and Sade on the iPod. Corny but efficient.

2. A glass of wine or seven.

3. Buy yourself that thing you want that you’re always putting off. Just do it now. Stop putting it off. Stop feeling guilty. You earned it.

4. Get a cheap-o Chinatown massage. It’s not as weird as you think. They’re actually kind of addicting.

5. Do an at-home facial. Even put cucumber slices on your own eyes. Why the eff not?

6. Make popcorn and settle in to watch a zillion episodes of your favorite TV show. Do not move until you’ve finished whole seasons.

7. Make your bed and spray it with citrus-y perfume. Citrus boosts the mood and relieves stress. And it’s always nice when your bed smells good.

8. Give yourself a mani-pedi. Like sit by your tub and actually wash your feet…

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