Time to write that down! 2014 Goals

So this year is coming to an end.
What a year – I started without a business and now I am on my way to realising my dream.

I read somewhere that by writing down goals it makes it easier to achieve and I can look back next year to see if I have met my goals.

I have a business review in March (My one year since I have started) and it will be very interesting to see how I can improve.

Enough talk – here are my goals:

  • 400 likers on facebook. Now likers are one thing but I want people who are genuinely interested in my work.
  • Find target market hangouts and connect. Finding a sellers page is great to help with running my store but I need to find where the buyers are!. I need to connect to retailers, blogs or facebook pages and let them know who I am.
  • 25 Sales on madeit/ Etsy.
  • Research and attend different markets to see where my products fit in.
  • Add other product ranges / build portfolio of work
  • Keep improving photos

I think I am pretty happy with those goals for the moment – do you have any goals? Any suggestions for me? I would love to hear from you all!

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