1 Year since I started Joanouk

February 2013 was when I was slapped from mindlessness into pursuing my passion. I thought a corporate job was the best way to earn a living but it wasn’t. I had no drive and I was constantly at the beck and whim at the company’s wish. I had enough. I am very good at helping people and being useful but when it starts to become an insane abuse of my skills (not getting paid enough while other people did less and earned more) my eyes opened to something that could be a possibility.
I could actually earn a living from my craft. From my skill on my own.

I found Etsy and saw many artists there with in excess of 10,000 sales. My mind boggled. On the internet surely there is enough room for everyone?

That’s when I picked up my brush after it sitting idle for 7 years. I wanted to create cute animal art for the little ones, I love abstract art too.. my I had so many ideas! I still do.

31st March 2013 was when I took the plunge and opened up my store.

1 Year on I am so happy and so driven to make my store and my art a success. I want to reach people.
I have a 5 year plan with 4 years to go to become a part time artist. My mum has always worked part time and that’s what I want for my kids – to be with them and not worrying about childcare having them from 7am to 6pm everyday.
I want to create my own life.

Thank you if you are reading this as you are helping shape my dreams.
Joanouk 1year

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