Upwards and onwards? The road to my own website.

So I have been looking at getting my own ecommerce website to be able to sell my art through my own website and be able to up date it myself.
For me part of it is getting away from listing fees and transaction fees of Etsy and madeit, but part of it is being able to toot my own horn by myself and not be surrounded by millions of other shops. (Although technically I would be but someone visiting my website would hopefully be there for me and not another shop)
It may not make sense to you but I think it makes sense to me.

Anyway, I started a free trial of wordpress business account and immediately saw my flaw. WordPress doesn’t do ecommerce. You have to have a shop at one of it’s three partners that you link to the wordpress business site. Here we go back to the fees.
I understand that websites cost money too but that’s in another part of logic in my brain. A yearly fee is fine but add on top monthly fees and transaction fees from the partner websites and I feel I am back to the constraints of Etsy/Madeit.

It seems I may have to think about this for a while and work out a strategy.

How did you get your own website? Did you pay someone to make yours or did you stumble around like I have?

2 thoughts on “Upwards and onwards? The road to my own website.

  1. Hello, Found your blog on the Etsy PR team.
    I recently started really working at selling online and my daughter who is very tech savy, helped me set up a worpress website that links back to Etsy.
    I love my website however it is hard to get traffic to it without lots of time intensive work.
    I am getting lots more views on Etsy and have actually had some sales after getting more social and joining Teams.
    I also have a store on Artfire that has been open a lot longer and while there are no listing fees I have much less traffic and have never made a sale.
    I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on Madeit as I have been thinking about tryng to sell there too.

    1. Oh thanks for stopping by!
      Yes I find I spend most of my time ‘networking’ and trying to get my links out there by commenting and participating in Teams /facebook pages etc.
      That’s a shame about Artfire – I had been thinking about going on there but thought I should focus on two stores instead of three 🙂
      I would recommend Madeit – I find it quaint – as in a much smaller audience but not as many stores selling. Last I heard there were only 2,500 stores selling compared to millions on Etsy. I had my first few sales on there too 🙂 The difference is the listing fee and commission is higher; .35c for listing fee and 4.5% on sales, but with Etsy being in USD that might be higher sometimes.

      I would say give it a go!! – most things I have done come back to the expression “What have you got to lose?”

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