Currently Reading: Funemployed by Justin Heazlewood

The other day I saw a review for a new book by an Australian Artist about the Australian art scene. Amazing! I just had to buy it.

I thought – I’m an artist… I live in Australia.. I wanna know more!

Though the book focuses on Justin’s experiences as a comedian/ musician the chapters still apply for all arts areas.

The book has chapters based on the artists career; chapters like “The Day-job”, “Funding”, “Networking”, “Self Doubt” and “Giving Up”. It makes me connect to the same feelings and wanting to read how he and the artists he interviews (like Wally De Backer (Goyte) , Clare Bowditch and Sarah Blasko) handle the same things.

He ends on this awesome note:

“Being an artist is the most fun you can ever have and the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Pick your battles. Back yourself. Prepare to fail. If youre not getting paid, then at least do it on your own terms. Be brave! Every day. Challenge yourself and become addicted to the high that comes with it.”

Definitely worth a read for any artist trying to make it a living; it has a healthy dose of the reality of a working artist in Australia.

I’m still holding onto my fierce passion for a while longer 🙂


Being an artist - Justin Heazlewood quote


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