Painting Tip Number 1: How to cheaply clean your brushes

I thought I would add a few painting tips and tricks that I come across as I use them or discover them.

As I have started oil painting again the one thing that I was scared about was the clean up. Painting is fun but trying to get oil of your brushes is not a fun activity.

Back in art school I used to wash my brushes with turpentine. Not only was it smelly, but it didn’t really clean all the oil out. Next I found an artists soap that worked much better. After I got back into painting I ran out and needed a quick solution!

I had some left over soap bars from making my own laundry liquid and tried it. Amazing – it left my brushes even softer than the expensive stuff.


  • Run hot water (I use my laundry sink)
  • Lather the brush with the soap
  • Rinse under hot water
  • Repeat soap lather and rinse until brush is clean

Soap used below is from Woolworths Australia. Prices correct as at 14.06.2014

cheap artists soap













Would love to hear your thoughts on brush care. Do you have any other tips that work for you?


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