Mid Year Review 2014 – How are my goals?

Last year I set out some goals for my business – I thought mid year would be a great time to see how everything is going !

  • 400 likers on facebook. Now likers are one thing but I want people who are genuinely interested in my work.
  • Very happy to be at 490 currently and gaining more interaction with my posts. I have tried a few ‘boost post’ advertising but I didn’t really gain more interaction or likes because of them .
  • Find target market hangouts and connect. Finding a sellers page is great to help with running my store but I need to find where the buyers are!. I need to connect to retailers, blogs or facebook pages and let them know who I am.
  • Still working hard at this; I have had a few great things happen like being featured in the first issue for Winkelen magazine, I am told I have a feature in *Bespoke* Magazine for Spring (How exciting!) I have just created a profile at Gallery 247 for Australian Artists where I can list my original art and have it registered (Very important for collectors and investors) Very handy that I can enter art shows via this website too.
  • 25 Sales on madeit/ Etsy.
  • Not going so well on this front – I had an amazing March selling 2 large prints and another 8×12 but it has been pretty non existent in sales since then.
  • Research and attend different markets to see where my products fit in.
  • After my dismal market in February I decided to take a step back from physical markets and focus on internet advertising. I have one planned for November to hopefully catch the Christmas buyers but that it not confirmed yet. (Fingers Crossed!)
  • Add other product ranges / build portfolio of work
  • This one I am definitely working on; I am pushing myself to create more work and have started on my 26 painting series “State of Being Alphabet” It’s nice to have a solid subject and plan for my work. The only downside is waiting for the oil paint to dry!!
  • Keep improving photos
  • Always !! I am really trying to take as many pictures as I can it different areas / different lights. Also trying to learn about what White balance is best for those situations. By selling prints I really need those colours to be spot on!

Did you make any goals for this year? How are you going? I hope you’re smashing them !

2 thoughts on “Mid Year Review 2014 – How are my goals?

  1. Sounds like you are doing all the same things I am doing to try and grow my creative business.
    It certainly isn’t easy.
    I was interested to read about your Market experience as I am currently researching Markets in Qld. Unfortunately I live in remote outback Qld. and so I will have spend big $’s to attend the good ones.
    Then there is the fees and some of them require that you have a Gazebo and a table that is fully enclose at the front.
    Taking all the expenses into account it may be more productive to stay home and spend the time on the web.
    Good luck and I hope you achieve the 25 sales.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment – I wanted to do markets to promote myself to people who don’t know about Etsy / online sales but it is very expensive – not only having stock and props and tables (I luckily didn’t have to buy a gazebo!) but the entry fees! I thought about it and the last market I did for $160 ($100 for fee and $60 for table that I had to buy) could have been spent on lots of advertising.
      I think I would do a market again but I might research and go visit first to see atmosphere etc.

      Thanks again 🙂

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