Focusing on what kind of artist I am

Joanouk What Kind of Artist am I?

I have been doing some thinking. Being creative I think A LOT. I only started making art again last year and really wanting to earn a living from it. But I think it’s time to evaluate what kind of artist I am. Like the saying goes – “Try to appease everyone and you appease no one”.

I have been thinking about who I am and what I love doing. In real life I love a lot of things. I love learning and being able to do a lot myself. But doing everything does not translate into an art career.

I started with children’s animals because there will always be nurseries to style – I thought that would be a great way to earn some money. So far nothing. While I love my animal designs they don’t keep me thinking and wanting to create more. I created them for other people.

I love photography and love playing with exposures and black and white. I created those pictures for me. I’ve only had one sale from my photos and that was a great shot of Perth’s skyline. I’ve planned to ‘go out on a shoot’ but it’s just not in my blood – I’m not adventurous and slightly agoraphobic unless I have to go supply shopping or to work. Maybe I should keep those photos to myself.

I love paint; nothing specific, I just love patterns and textures – I can actually feel my heart lighten when I think about painting and especially when I create something I like. Sure it’s something I create for me but I am hoping that other people can feel the happiness and excitement in my work. I truly feel that this is what I am meant to do with my life.

I need to wait until I fully understand this but it is becoming clearer what kind of artist I am.


How did you come to realize who you were and what you were meant to be? How did it make you feel?

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