2015 Goals and Dreams

Merry Christmas everyone!

What a tough year. In March I celebrated 1 year since starting Joanouk and now I am heading towards my second year. I have a 5 year plan to become a full time artist and it is now seeming harder than I thought.  I think I am heading in the right direction slowly though by trying new selling platforms and different craft markets!

I’ve had a great time exploring the start of my oil panting series “State of being alphabet”. I can’t wait to continue that into next year.

An overview of my 2015 goals.

  • Continue with “State of being alphabet” and create a 2016 calendar.
  • Enter more art shows with my original art
  • Obtain 38 sales from my online stores
  • Continue to improve my photography
  • Improve my sales copy to reach buyers emotionally and encourage more sales; I love my paintings but I have to explain to everyone why they are so special (Hand painted, original designs)
  • Consider applying for larger designer markets. These markets are very expensive $400- $500 for a stall but the potential customer exposure could be huge!

I think I should stick to those points and then build on those for my third year in business 🙂

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