State of Being Alphabet | G is for galvanic

This is a painting with history.
I started this with a beautiful and subtle yellow background, but I didn’t have a plan after that. I added and splashed colour around with no purpose – and it looked like it.
I put this painting away while I worked on “Haecceity” and then I came back to it fresh.

I needed the paint to blend a bit more – I needed it to feel more organic and fluid. This time I felt the paintings direction was going in a better direction. I took more calculated risks in where the paint went next.
After it was almost finished It looked a little bland – it was only red and yellow and it needed a pop of colour to break it up. This is when I added the green / emerald colour.

I love this painting and I hope you can be transported to a different place when looking at this. I would love to hear your thoughts.

G is for “galvanic”
adj. stimulating; full of energy




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