Visit to the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition at the NGV International Melbourne

So I treated myself to a NGV membership for 2015 and one of the perks was a free ticket to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition.

I love the different sections they created for each style / fashion season of his.

I have just taken photos of gowns that I loved – soft and flowy or structured and detailed.

The first blue section was amazing as the models faces were projections that were videos of them blinking or saying phrases. I was amazed by the headdresses and soft fabric here.

It was really amazing and hope to go to more exhibitions this year.

I also tried to do some gallery sketching but it was difficult to get proportions right as the chairs were so far away from the paintings and I had to look up and down all the time. It’s just something I will have to learn to do.

I have been trying to study faces and hands so please check out my instagram feed @joanouk for some #redditgetsdrawn studies.

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