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I had the great opportunity to explain a little more about myself and my processed via the Australian Wandarrah team on Etsy 🙂

Australian Wandarrah

Today we chat with Victoria from vfitzartist

Indigo Blue Abstract Figurative Art, “Black Pearl” by vfitzartist

Share a little about yourself … what makes you you?

I have always loved drawing. I still have my first ‘real’ picture that I drew in 1999. I took every creative class possible in high school and then started the Diploma of Visual Art in 2005. Unfortunately with the extra costs and no real avenue for selling my art I stopped and changed to business admin. I stopped drawing and painting until 2013 when I was frustrated with my office job and I found Etsy. It was a life changing event. I picked up my brush and painted a few things I thought people would like.
I am still as passionate today and have a 5 year plan to become a part time artist.
What inspired you to create your business and how long…

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