State of Being Alphabet | I is for Insouciant

Painting number 9!

This painting again started with only a colour and no plan. On one hand this is nerve wracking as I have no idea which direction it will go in but if I had a concrete plan it might not have turned out like this.
There were a few stages to this and sometimes I thought it was looking pretty and delicate but it wasn’t the strong colours or textures that I am growing to love. So I kept going and carefully evaluating things at each stage.
The original painting was meant to be simple: two halves, one cobalt blue and one a lighter blue at the top. I was going to add in heavy white impasto brush strokes vertically to join the two sections. I think was was a little too simple so I tried to add ‘more’ to it.
I love the clouds at the top. They were delicate, blended in and had small brush strokes. I really wanted them to stay but they were too delicate for my style, so I added more dimensions and a tinge of pink.
The bottom half was cobalt blue, which turned into water reflections which turned into impasto green, white and merlot red.

I try to not add too much but I know a painting is more interesting with layers. I hope you enjoy the paintings story and I hope you enjoy looking at it.

I is for “Insouciant”
adj. Carefree, unconcerned

As always I would love to hear your feedback – any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!

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