Auspicous Incubator – Independent Artist Profile 2015

Auspicous Arts Incubator Survey Results

I took part in a survey about being an independent artist in Australia and the results were released after 300 other artists also completed the survey.

Almost half didn’t want to quit their day jobs, I guess that’s because they are a source of a stable income. I am working towards at least becoming a part time artist within 5 years. I think that day will be awesome.

30% needed help with the ‘big picture’ and confidence but I am with the 26% who need help with marketing. I just need to find my people/ my tribe who love my work as much as I do 🙂

If I could change one thing about my practice what would it be? That’s hard to say – but I think currently it’s ‘focus’. I need a better plan and energy to complete things when I need to. Second would be time.

Someone had a great quote about what they wanted to change “To be more fearless with my creations and less judgmental of the results.”

Next was ‘what’s worrying me?’ and I would say the same thing as what would I change – focus and time.

What would I like to achieve in 2015?

Complete a few more “State of Being Alphabet” paintings and sell at least one original painting!

There are a few more points of discussion in the survey so if you have time it’s quite a fun read.

What points do you feel match to your feelings? Was there anything surprising in there?

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