2 years since I started my passion life goal

Time flies – It seems like yesterday I was writing 1 Year since I started Joanouk .

I am very happy that I have grown and changed a little in the direction I was planning since then. I have changed to focus more on my abstract art and finding what truly makes me burn with excitement.

I thought I might re-hash a post I did a while ago and change it to a brief goal for the year run down 🙂

I will list my goals for 2015

My Mind: De-stress more. Get rid of the buzzing in my head (too many thoughts) and try to calmm down and concentrate.

My Body: Exercise more. Get moving and get energised. I loved running – so I will have to get back into it.

My Spirit: Find some music that speaks deep into my soul and rock out

My Relationships: Continue the strong bond I have with my husband and do more spur of the moment things for everyone I care about.

My Creativity: Find a creative course and practice, practice, practice!

My Passion: Finish paintings, finish more to get a good body of work available and find my true style.


I would love to hear your variations – you can copy my goals and make your own – I would love to see your links in the comments!

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