State of Being Alphabet | K is for Kismet

Painting 11.

This started as being J – Jejune (adj. intellectually unsatisfying, shallow) but I couldn’t grasp it. It didn’t feel right; it had too much texture and depth. Not good for a painting supposedly portraying shallowness.

This series of paintings is a journey for me to find my style and what I love doing. And I think I am getting there; after finishing Galvanic I found myself interested by the depths and highlights of colours I achieved.
The drama that could be found in the colours and textures was captivating and I wanted to do it again.

Kismet is about destiny and fate. Is everything predetermined?
I believe our destiny is a multitude of possibilities. It is the choices we make today that aligns the way to our kismet.

K is for ‘kismet’
n. destiny, fate

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