Could you spot a fake piece of art?

Original Article – Business Insider Written by James Pheby

I love this idea – Put a fake painting in a gallery and make it a competition for the visitors to spot the fake.

“The experiment was the brainchild of American artist Doug Fishbone, who wanted to “throw down the gauntlet” to museum-goers and make them look more closely at the great works.”

This is something I have been making myself do. Too many times I have been to an exhibition only to leave it 10 minutes later. Did I really see the works ? Why did I like them/ not like them? That is the idea behind Slow Art Day also. To make people slow down and actually look at a painting; it’s colours, impressions and general aura about them.

“As well as examining the type of canvas used, how it was prepared, the brushwork and what type of pigments and varnish were employed, the experts rely on the artist’s innate creativity to identify the fakes.”

It was the aura as to why the fake was picked out. It looked industrialized and new. The original has a “luminous quality about [it]”

I would love this to happen here in Melbourne!

Fake Chinese Painting in London Gallery
© AFP Ben Stansall

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