How Art Collectors Use Instagram

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I came across this article a while ago and thought it was a very interesting change in dynamics. Art lovers are no longer needing to rely on galleries to find great art. They can stumble across someone themselves on instagram (or social media) and become an art collector while knowing more about the artist and processes.

Here are some interesting parts of the article.

A survey found “..51.5% have purchased works from artists they originally discovered through Instagram.”

“Our sample included only collectors who are active Instagram users, and therefore represent the early adopters of Instagram as a tool for collecting art. That said, these are some dedicated folks: Almost half have 100+ works in their collections. A majority (55%) collect primarily emerging art, while 45% identified and themselves as contemporary art collectors.”

“Around 61% of collectors consistently look at an artist’s hashtag.”

“Instagram is best viewed as a marketing tool as opposed to a sales tool. It is great for finding out about an artist’s most recent body of work, or learning of a gallery’s latest exhibition, or getting behind the scenes takes on the inner workings of the art world.”


I personally love Instagram as it is so visual and I can reach anyone through my use of hashtags. Do you have Instagram? What do you think about buying art (items) through a person you found on Instagram?


*Featured image from Death to Stock Photos



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