Starting a gratitude journal for motivation

Gratitude journal 100 day journal

So I started a gratitude journal a month ago.

I had been feeling a bit low in esteem and motivation for my art and I thought that wasn’t helping to get things done. Instead of focusing on how long I haven’t had a sale – why not write down all the good little things that happen in my days?

I felt if I could look back at all my little achievements then I wouldn’t feel so bad and it would give me more motivation to think about future projects.

I got the idea from the Business Bakery – Julia keeps a 100 day journal. The idea is to have a goal and you have 100 days to make it happen. Like Julia says:

“Writing in your journal every day makes you think about your goal every day. And thinking about your goal kinda makes you DO something about it.”

My goal is to be happy and motivated. Everyday I really have to think and ask myself what went right/ what was the best thing I achieved that day?

Some days were very hard to think of good things, so I would put things that I loved and made me happy like “Bed” and “Cooking with my husband” 🙂 Other days were awesome days like when I took a chance and “Entered the Etsy design awards” or “Danced like no one was watching” (Because I was home alone and no one was watching hehe)

Overall I think it is a great idea and it really keeps me in a positive frame of mind.

Have you tried a journal? How did it work for you?

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