2015 Mid year goals review


So a little late but I thought I would review my goals I set for myself in December 2014 to see how I am going 🙂

Here is the list

  • Continue with “State of being alphabet” and create a 2016 calendar.

I have had my series on hold for a bit, one because I only have one canvas left and I wanted to stop spending so much money! I had watercolour paper spare so I started on other calendar styles. I have two coming out and they are available on my new website 🙂

One is an abstract geometric calendar exploring shapes and colour combinations in relation to hand drawn geometric triangle structures. The other one is a watercolour flower calendar  – I wanted to continue the effect I did in “Black Pearl” and I love flowers 🙂

  • Enter more art shows with my original art

This one hasn’t come to pass because I have paused on my state of being series. I will be entering the Linden Postcard show again and maybe a local end of year art show but probably no more this year.

  • Obtain 38 sales from my online stores

This one is a tough one and really based on peoples interest. So for this year I have only received 7 sales. I’ve reached an awesome goal of 20 total sales in my Etsy store since opening though!

  • Continue to improve my photography

I have found the concept of “flat lay” photography and using props has made my photos and prints look way better than they were. I still have issues with lighting and colour corrections sometimes but as a halfway point I am pretty happy with them. I have been focusing more on creating than editing existing listings so I am sure I will come back to refresh my photos a bit later 🙂

  • Improve my sales copy to reach buyers emotionally and encourage more sales; I love my paintings but I have to explain to everyone why they are so special (Hand painted, original designs)

This one is a hard one. I am not a writer and I have had a few discussions with people who either say I don’t need to say anything at all to the fact I should hire someone to write for me. I’m not at that point yet as I still feel that art is meant to be interpreted and you either fall in love with a piece or it doesn’t speak to you. Still a work in progress for this one.

  • Consider applying for larger designer markets. These markets are very expensive $400- $500 for a stall but the potential customer exposure could be huge!

I have only just applied for one in November and unfortunately I wasn’t accepted. There was the Finders Keepers market in Melbourne recently and I looked at the quality of stalls. I am definitely not in that sphere just yet! It is a big commitment money wise and time wise (2 and half days trading!) It’s something to work towards though as some of the artists I look up to have been there.

*Photo credit to Death to stock photos

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