Staying the course vs only trying a technique out

A few months a go I started a new series “from the dark” where I start by painting the canvas black and using a black texture paste to start. This forces me to think about colours differently and I have to really try to bring out the lightness from the dark.. hence the series name.

I’ve completed 6 and a half paintings so far and now I have to decide whether to keep at this new technique or try something different. I am really liking a few of these paintings – particularly “Transient Light” and “Near Light”

I’ve entered “Transient Light” into the Lethbridge 20000 small scale art Prize in Queensland this year and I am really hoping that the judges see something special in it.

It’s really hard to get honest feedback when nobody buys the works, I take this as a sign that I haven’t quite gotten to the level that I need to be at and where everyone else is at. I can only keep going and trying until I make a sale and then I can continue exploring that method / style.

I think I will keep going with this series a little longer.

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