Getting into the art of painting

Last year I felt I had to blog about everything to keep people up to date.

Unfortunately I am not a writer and don’t really enjoy writing so I haven’t written a blog post since November 2015. And it feels great.

I have been able to focus on planning and painting a few mini series and entering a few art competitions.

I hope to check back in here once in a while but if you ever want to keep up to date with what I am up to please follow me on Instagram. I find Instagram an amazing place visually and I love showing everyone behind the scenes works in progress.  It helps me think things through by stopping and taking a minute to think where the piece is heading.

I have entered two larger art prizes – The John Fries Award for emerging and early career artists and the Bayside Aquisitive Art Prize. Both have quite a large money prize for first place and have a high standing in the art world. I don’t think I can win first prize but it always good to dream and take a chance. I would love to at least become a finalist and be able to say that someone believes in my work enough.

This year I am a very busy person; I still work full time and this year I will also be completing a Diploma of Logistics. These won’t leave much time for painting but that is what I will do. I am going to focus on the painting side and not the blogging, promotion as such.

I hope this year will be a good one and hope yours is too!

Working on larger canvas

I never thought I would be stuck doing something I’ve done before. But a larger canvas had my brain stumped. The little ones feel like a fluke as they are done quicker but how do I paint more canvas?

The piece started fine – I began in one corner and tried out my blending and tones. All was good. I continued on and placed a basic cover of red then tried the same blending all over the canvas. Somehow it wasn’t what I wanted and it looked terrible. My brains answer? Add more paint!

It still didn’t look right so I wiped away the excess paint. I thought – “yeah, that’s all rough looking – people like rough abstract art!” I went away for about 10 minutes and has to come back because that was bullshit. It looked childish and not like the other canvases I had done (which I think looked kind nice). I tried blending a slightly different way, it was easier now there wasn’t so much paint.

In the end I think it looks better but it started better as a sketch. One day everything will click the way I intend it to.


Getting side tracked is a good thing – new mini series

So I’ve taken a break from my series ‘state of being alphabet’. The main aim of that series was to have fun and experiment with different effects / techniques.

I recently completed J – Jejune and I really liked painting that one. I love the textures, the sweeping brushstrokes and the deep tones I achieved with the green.

I also recently completed some smaller works for the Linden Postcard show. At only 8×10 inches (20×25.5cm) it was exciting to fit a great picture in a small space.

I bought some more 8×10’s and found one at 9.5 x13 inches and was inspired to just ‘play’. I just love these results. I didn’t have any theme in mind or a name for any of them until the end. Someone mentioned to me it (ocean depths) looks like water and it came together quickly that they all represent the ocean !

I would love to know what you think! They are all currently available for purchase on my website under ‘original art for sale’

State of Being Alphabet | J is for Jejune

This painting was a long time coming – I skipped over the letter to complete K, L and started on M.

The meaning of the word was stopping me –

J is for “Jejune”
adj. intellectually unsatisfying, shallow

How do I convey mental shallowness? I thought about doing a very simple painting or a painting then wiping away the layers to almost nothing. That would have been different. But that wouldn’t have been my new style.

What is my style? That’s the whole point of this series – to find what I love doing and what looks good. Maybe I should have been extreme like my original idea but i don’t think it would have looked good.

I am drawn to dramatic dark colours paired with selected highlighted areas. I love it, it makes my eyes dance over the canvas.

I love this painting – one of my favourites so far and I can’t wait to refine this style with the other paintings.

I would love to hear your feedback! Does this painting dance in your eyes?