Recap for the second Le Boulevard Boutique market 23.02.2014

Last Sunday I had my second Le Boulevard Boutique Market at the Westwaters Entertainment Complex in Caroline Springs.
I was a little nervous as I had to go by myself and carry all my stuff!
I met some very nice stall holders but ultimately I didn’t make any sales from the general public. It really made me think whether my products are worth pursuing.
I would like to try other markets but I want to take a step back and get into creating a bit more; I’ve already got some great ideas!

What makes you take a step back to re-evaluate things?

Upcoming Market – 2nd Visit to Le Boulevard Boutique Market

I have another market coming up!
I have researched a few different ones but I am not wanting to be at a different market every weekend. I’d like to pick special markets where people can come to meet me and my products. I am very excited to meet new people and hopefully some who went last time!

le boulevard 23rd feb 2014 joanouk

Check out their website for more details!

Le Boulevard Boutique Market

Upcoming Christmas Markets

Oh I’m so excited – I have two markets leading up to Christmas

Sunday November 24th 2013 – Westwaters Entertainment Complex Free Market Day

I love this idea – allowing stall holders a free table to sell their wares. Anything I make will be a profit!
I am adding special glow in the dark prints not listed on the online stores 🙂

Market day

Saturday December 7th 2013 – Market@235, Hoppers Crossing Uniting Church

Oh my this will be hard – Market starts at 8am to finish at 12pm, just in time for lunch 🙂 I have never been to this market also and it is closer to home. I am loving the prospect of showing what I can make to new people.


Joanouk Christmas Cut Off Dates for 2013:

For all online orders the below dates apply for cut off (For Australian Deliveries):

Made to Order: December 1st
Prints in Stock: December 10th
joanouk christmas cutoff dates2013

Have a great week!

PS. I am on holidays at the moment and will be shoveling dirt all day (4 cubic meters!) to ready my garden beds for veggies.. I think I will be sore tomorrow! At least I can sleep in :p

My Amazing First Market – Leboulevard Boutique Market 13 October 2013

Wow. What a first market to attend. It was fantastic.
I had no idea what to expect- Will I sell out of everything? Did I take too much stock? Too little stock? What if nobody buys anything?
I was stressed out and it was only 8.30am!

But I stuck to my plan – say hello to everybody and be as friendly as possible. I got some excellent comments and some people were amazed that the pictures were originally hand drawn !

There were 50 stalls in all and each one had fantastic products and awesome stall setup – I really learnt a lot from watching them setup.

Now I have to think what I will do differently for the next market I go to. The glow in the dark prints surprised everyone so perhaps I could make a bigger deal out of them and have an example box to show what it will look like.
Oh the possibilities!

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Were any of you there? I would love to hear your feedback!