2015 Mid year goals review


So a little late but I thought I would review my goals I set for myself in December 2014 to see how I am going 🙂

Here is the list

  • Continue with “State of being alphabet” and create a 2016 calendar.

I have had my series on hold for a bit, one because I only have one canvas left and I wanted to stop spending so much money! I had watercolour paper spare so I started on other calendar styles. I have two coming out and they are available on my new website 🙂

One is an abstract geometric calendar exploring shapes and colour combinations in relation to hand drawn geometric triangle structures. The other one is a watercolour flower calendar  – I wanted to continue the effect I did in “Black Pearl” and I love flowers 🙂

  • Enter more art shows with my original art

This one hasn’t come to pass because I have paused on my state of being series. I will be entering the Linden Postcard show again and maybe a local end of year art show but probably no more this year.

  • Obtain 38 sales from my online stores

This one is a tough one and really based on peoples interest. So for this year I have only received 7 sales. I’ve reached an awesome goal of 20 total sales in my Etsy store since opening though!

  • Continue to improve my photography

I have found the concept of “flat lay” photography and using props has made my photos and prints look way better than they were. I still have issues with lighting and colour corrections sometimes but as a halfway point I am pretty happy with them. I have been focusing more on creating than editing existing listings so I am sure I will come back to refresh my photos a bit later 🙂

  • Improve my sales copy to reach buyers emotionally and encourage more sales; I love my paintings but I have to explain to everyone why they are so special (Hand painted, original designs)

This one is a hard one. I am not a writer and I have had a few discussions with people who either say I don’t need to say anything at all to the fact I should hire someone to write for me. I’m not at that point yet as I still feel that art is meant to be interpreted and you either fall in love with a piece or it doesn’t speak to you. Still a work in progress for this one.

  • Consider applying for larger designer markets. These markets are very expensive $400- $500 for a stall but the potential customer exposure could be huge!

I have only just applied for one in November and unfortunately I wasn’t accepted. There was the Finders Keepers market in Melbourne recently and I looked at the quality of stalls. I am definitely not in that sphere just yet! It is a big commitment money wise and time wise (2 and half days trading!) It’s something to work towards though as some of the artists I look up to have been there.

*Photo credit to Death to stock photos

When do I create my art? Where does the time go.

There are a few artists who say that to be an artist, to call yourself an artist, you have to spend every possible waking moment creating. You have to have an understanding family because you wont be doing much cleaning, cooking or even being home.

I don’t accept this, we all have responsibilities and I actually enjoy cooking and cleaning. It refreshes my mind, it gives me time to think. And I admit to myself; I am not creative 24/7. I am multifaceted. I like many, many things which is sometimes a problem but it’s all part of life and learning to be the best person I can.

I have a full time job Monday to Friday 9-5 so my week is pretty booked out with travel and professional work. Weekends are my release, my time to create and play. But I don’t stress out if I don’t feel like painting. I create pretty bad art when I am tired or not in the right mindset.

Some may say bad art is better than no art; I am still undecided and would rather aim for the best than use my time to make something I am not interested in.

Overall I wish I had more time to create (no full time job!) but I am happy to crank out a few paintings / ideas / sketches in the few hours I have on the weekend.

Life is ever changing and amazing so I can change up my routine later.

How do you use the hours you have to create?



*Photo credit “Death to Stock Photos*