Coming Up: Slow Art Day

Trying something different – how about looking at Art slowly?
How much time do we actually ‘look’ at a painting and really try to figure out it’s meaning and how it makes us feel?
Amazing blog post by Culture Gold Coast 🙂

cult gc

Slow Art Day

11 April 2015

UQ Art Museum

In Art as Therapy, philosopher Alain de Botton joins art historian John Armstrong to investigate the core of art’s purpose: its ability to make better versions of ourselves. They argue that as well as inviting a deeper knowledge of our inner selves, art allows us to explore and develop who we are by helping us to overcome our chronic fear of the unfamiliar and to live more fulfilled lives by inviting the unknown.

The authors are scandalised by the fact that every day, citizens leave museums and exhibitions feeling underwhelmed and wondering why the anticipated transformative experience had not come to pass. Unfortunately there can be barriers to true engagement with art, when patrons do not look for long enough or are unable to forgo their personal intimidation to truly appreciate it. However, through slow and unabashed appreciation of art, forgoing…

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Questioning the value of art – How Peter Lik sells $1.6 million in photographs every week

Original Article – NY Times

I came across this article last week and thought it was very interesting. Not only did this photographer change the way he sold his work; he created a tiered pricing strategy to make more money and more hype over his collection. Below is some snippets of what I think are the best parts of the article.

“So six months ago, he had an idea. Nearly every Peter Lik photograph is printed in a “limited edition” of 995; the first print sells at about $4,000, with the price rising as the edition sells out.”

“Last year, the company sold $1.6 million worth of photographs every week.”

“It’s a truism that the price of a commodity doesn’t always correlate to its value. This is especially so in the art market, where experts say a stunningly small percent of what is sold will ever be worth more than it was on the day it was acquired.”

“We tell clients who ask about future values, ‘Buy because you love it,’ ” Mr. Fatoohi said. “There are no guarantees.”

What do you think of his business model? I think his motto “Buy it because you love it” is very true!

Entry into the Yen Magazine Female Art Awards

So I was very excited to be advised that my entry for the Yen Female Art Awards had been accepted!

First prize is amazing and I would be over the moon if I won.

Of the many items in first prize these would help my career exponentially:

  • Two-week solo exhibition at Gaffa, valued at $1,870
  • Inclusion in the group exhibition 11 June – 23 June, 2015, valued at $1,870
  • STAEDTLER art pack, valued at $550
  • $500 cash prize from Yen/nextmedia
  • 1-year subscription to Yen and a double-page spread in the magazine, valued at $4,989

Click on the picture to go to my entry – I would love it if you would click on the people’s choice button as that is a cool prize too 🙂

yen magazine art awards 2015 entry

Visit to the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition at the NGV International Melbourne

So I treated myself to a NGV membership for 2015 and one of the perks was a free ticket to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition.

I love the different sections they created for each style / fashion season of his.

I have just taken photos of gowns that I loved – soft and flowy or structured and detailed.

The first blue section was amazing as the models faces were projections that were videos of them blinking or saying phrases. I was amazed by the headdresses and soft fabric here.

It was really amazing and hope to go to more exhibitions this year.

I also tried to do some gallery sketching but it was difficult to get proportions right as the chairs were so far away from the paintings and I had to look up and down all the time. It’s just something I will have to learn to do.

I have been trying to study faces and hands so please check out my instagram feed @joanouk for some #redditgetsdrawn studies.