Pop up shop – Far Fetched Designs

How exciting – my art prints have been accepted to be sold at a pop up store in Brunswick Melbourne! The store is only open for 11 weeks but is in a great area.

I am very interested to see how my work is received by people in a retail setting who may have never heard of Etsy ๐Ÿ™‚

Far Fetched Designs

210 Sydney Road, Brunswick, VIC

Opening: Saturday 25th April 2015, closing: Sunday 12th July 2015.
Opening Hours: Mon & Tues โ€“ CLOSED, Wed-Thur 10-5.30, Fri 11-7, Sat 10-5,Sun 10-5

Screenshot 2015-04-17 21.27.08


Screenshot 2015-04-17 21.26.59


Have you ever had your products stocked by a pop up? What was your experience?

Decorating with art – Using large art for impact

What do these pictures all have in common?

They use a large piece of art to draw focus to a particular area. Choose a large print to compliment the colours in your room and create a talking point, or even a starting point for a gallery wall.

Temporary print shop closure

Hi everyone,
After receiving a few bad prints from my printer I need to close my shops while I work out what to do. I would hate for someone to buy those prints and they are not at the standard I expect them to be. (They all came out pink! )

It may be a big expense but I think buying my own giclee printer is the only way to get high quality prints with the correct colour balance.

I will be at the Annual Werribee Craft show on the 9th November to sell what I have left and then I am going on my honeymoon at the end of November.

I expect to have my shop open on the 29th November.

Even though my shops aren’t open I would love to hear from you if you are interested in a print! I have a few still on hand.

P.S I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas!