Introducing art subscriptions

victoria fitzgerald abstract artist melbourne

I saw this concept somewhere else and cannot claim credit but I thought it was a great idea.

I am now offering an art subscription where the purchaser will receive 4 paintings over one year. They are small 8×10 paintings and hopefully it will show my progression as an artist. I am only offering 5 people the chance this year to test the waters, but I would love to grow it and reach more people in the future.

Click my Etsy Shop Listing to find out more. I hope I have covered all the potential questions.

Have you seen or purchased art subscriptions before? I am excited about sending the same person multiple pieces that they can collect 🙂

Entry into the Yen Magazine Female Art Awards

So I was very excited to be advised that my entry for the Yen Female Art Awards had been accepted!

First prize is amazing and I would be over the moon if I won.

Of the many items in first prize these would help my career exponentially:

  • Two-week solo exhibition at Gaffa, valued at $1,870
  • Inclusion in the group exhibition 11 June – 23 June, 2015, valued at $1,870
  • STAEDTLER art pack, valued at $550
  • $500 cash prize from Yen/nextmedia
  • 1-year subscription to Yen and a double-page spread in the magazine, valued at $4,989

Click on the picture to go to my entry – I would love it if you would click on the people’s choice button as that is a cool prize too 🙂

yen magazine art awards 2015 entry

State of Being Alphabet | G is for galvanic

This is a painting with history.
I started this with a beautiful and subtle yellow background, but I didn’t have a plan after that. I added and splashed colour around with no purpose – and it looked like it.
I put this painting away while I worked on “Haecceity” and then I came back to it fresh.

I needed the paint to blend a bit more – I needed it to feel more organic and fluid. This time I felt the paintings direction was going in a better direction. I took more calculated risks in where the paint went next.
After it was almost finished It looked a little bland – it was only red and yellow and it needed a pop of colour to break it up. This is when I added the green / emerald colour.

I love this painting and I hope you can be transported to a different place when looking at this. I would love to hear your thoughts.

G is for “galvanic”
adj. stimulating; full of energy