How to improvise Part 2.

Last post I talked about how to improvise by changing up your routine. There is another way to improvise and come up with new ideas and again it has to do with the frontal lobe.

When your mind wanders the lobe actually goes into a temporary sleep mode – that gives ideas from your subconscious a chance to come up and hit you!
BBC’s documentary “How to be more creative” calls the lobe the ‘gatekeeper’.
Here are some ways to call the gatekeeper away and get some new ideas:

  • Meditation
  • Go for a long run
  • Have a nice calming bath

Can you think of any more? What helps you come up with new ideas?


How to improvise Part 1

If you haven’t seen the BBC’s “How to be more creative” or my posts White Matter and Insight then go back!

The next part is ‘how to improvise’. I’m not sure if I am any good at improvising – by watching “Who’s line is it anyway?” I think I would be terrible at word improvisation. I haven’t really tested it in my art because isn’t all art improvisation in some way?

Anyway.. back to the documentary. We have our Pre-frontal Cortex to blame if we can’t improvise. That part at the front of your brain is the ‘conscious self monitoring’ we do everyday.

Have you ever thought something along the lines …” What if I threw my phone out the window of the car?” It is the pre-frontal cortex that tells you that you shouldn’t do it.

To shake up the self monitoringĀ  we need to change our routines. By making new connections in our brains we have more new and original ideas.

In the documentary the scientist went on a glider plane flight for the first time.


I wonder what we can do to change our routines/ try new things? Any suggestions?


White Matter

I finally finished watching the BBC’s documentary – “How to be more creative” See Here where I started.

Did you know in our brains we have grey matter but we also have white matter? It was described to look like a bowl made out of spaghetti and it has 150,000 km of connections!

This white matter connects different regions of the brain together.

For us creative people we actually have less white matter than other people. To have less connections means the nerve traffic is slowed down so there is more time to make new connections. And more time to get a great idea!


“Creativity is slow and meandering”