Affordable Australian Art

So there is an exciting opportunity on Etsy – it’s all very hush hush at the moment but there will be events in three major Australian cities to showcase the art on Etsy. I’ve entered the A3 size Limited Edition print of “Galvanic” .

Fingers crossed as I think they will be shown in shopping centres on large posters as it has to be able to be printed out at 1.4 meters by 1 meter.

So after submitting my entry I saw there was their affordable art picks in which I saw my A3 Limited Edition print of “insouciant”!

Etsy Australian Afoordable Art

Feature in the Etsy Australia and New Zealand Newsletter

So amazing to see one of my prints in the newsletter yesterday!

I subscribed to the newsletter because I thought the people that were chosen for the theme were so talented and had amazing photos so I created and improved my photos over and over again. I still don’t think I have amazing photos but it is incredible that someone at Etsy thinks I have a good enough product to feature in the newsletter!

What a lovely end to the week – how has your week been?

etsyaunewsletter 28.02.2014