Affordable Australian Art

So there is an exciting opportunity on Etsy – it’s all very hush hush at the moment but there will be events in three major Australian cities to showcase the art on Etsy. I’ve entered the A3 size Limited Edition print of “Galvanic” .

Fingers crossed as I think they will be shown in shopping centres on large posters as it has to be able to be printed out at 1.4 meters by 1 meter.

So after submitting my entry I saw there was their affordable art picks in which I saw my A3 Limited Edition print of “insouciant”!

Etsy Australian Afoordable Art

State of Being Alphabet | E is for ephermeral

I wanted to test myself by creating a light / bright painting and to also use a ‘naked’ background with no paint base – just primed canvas. I think it looks ok – but I would probably use a light textured base next time.

This piece I created to show the burst of light when you look directly in the sun for a brief moment.

E is for “ephermeral”
adj. Lasting for a very short time

Joanouk Original Abstract Art - Ephermeral State of Being Alphabet