How rejection has made me a better artist

One thing I am learning being an artist is how to handle rejection.

Applying for something opens up endless possibilities; “I could win first prize!”, “I could meet lot’s of new customers”, ” I could be recognized by people I admire” but when it doesn’t happen life comes to a halt and those things don’t happen.

How do you move forward if your applications aren’t accepted? You are still in the same place as yesterday.

The only thing I can do is keep my eyes open for more opportunities – things I may be good enough for. I don’t apply for things I am not ready for – like the Big Design Market and Finders Keepers . I know they are big markets and there are very impressive stall set ups which I just don’t have the money for.

A few things I have applied for and didn’t get accepted:

  • #etsyart
  • Signed and Numbered
  • Markit at fed square
  • Etsy Design awards

I have learned that part of the reason is that my work doesn’t “fit in” with the other designers. I understand cohesion but I don’t want to create art with other people in mind.

I need to create to my vision and ‘push the boundaries’, whatever those boundaries are.

I want to be recognizable for my own style.


Inspiration Fridays – “Today”

I started “Insiration Fridays” on my facebook page but I thought I would go into more detail here:

Brought to you by a pinterest quote pin

Something like this is a good reminder to take action everyday.

Try this – write a list for the week ahead that specifies one goal per day for all of the categories above or just one. Even accomplishing one per day makes a huge difference to my confidence.

I will list my goals for today:

My Mind: Currently reading $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau Great book about working for yourself and starting your own business with very little money.

My Body: Take some cold and flu tablets! Not feeling the best so I have to take care of it today and not stress too much.

My Spirit: Play with my Cavalier – I love playing with dogs they take all the cares in the world away and make me feel happy

My Relationships: Call my mum and organise her birthday dinner

My Creativity: Write down 3 new ideas for paintings – already done so I’m excited!

My Passion: Try and start a new painting today

What are you doing today?

Introduction and Blog Purpose

Hello everyone, My name is Victoria.

I started my Etsy store in March 2013 and have been busy building up relationships and crafting my products. Everyone mentions how powerful a blog is but I felt I have never had time to make it perfect and insightful. I still don’t have time but I thought I would start off and begin building a blog that people can follow and hopefully be inspired.

I don’t intend to post 3 times a day as most pages suggest. I want to post meaningful ideas, current projects and art related subjects whenever the inspiration hits me.

This is a blog to promote my prints and Etsy Store but every so often I would like to share what inspires me and I aim to mix the two with careful consideration.