Recap for the second Le Boulevard Boutique market 23.02.2014

Last Sunday I had my second Le Boulevard Boutique Market at the Westwaters Entertainment Complex in Caroline Springs.
I was a little nervous as I had to go by myself and carry all my stuff!
I met some very nice stall holders but ultimately I didn’t make any sales from the general public. It really made me think whether my products are worth pursuing.
I would like to try other markets but I want to take a step back and get into creating a bit more; I’ve already got some great ideas!

What makes you take a step back to re-evaluate things?

Upcoming Market – 2nd Visit to Le Boulevard Boutique Market

I have another market coming up!
I have researched a few different ones but I am not wanting to be at a different market every weekend. I’d like to pick special markets where people can come to meet me and my products. I am very excited to meet new people and hopefully some who went last time!

le boulevard 23rd feb 2014 joanouk

Check out their website for more details!

Le Boulevard Boutique Market