My Amazing First Market – Leboulevard Boutique Market 13 October 2013

Wow. What a first market to attend. It was fantastic.
I had no idea what to expect- Will I sell out of everything? Did I take too much stock? Too little stock? What if nobody buys anything?
I was stressed out and it was only 8.30am!

But I stuck to my plan – say hello to everybody and be as friendly as possible. I got some excellent comments and some people were amazed that the pictures were originally hand drawn !

There were 50 stalls in all and each one had fantastic products and awesome stall setup – I really learnt a lot from watching them setup.

Now I have to think what I will do differently for the next market I go to. The glow in the dark prints surprised everyone so perhaps I could make a bigger deal out of them and have an example box to show what it will look like.
Oh the possibilities!

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Were any of you there? I would love to hear your feedback!

Newspaper love : Leboulevard Boutique Market

What a lovely picture!
I am so excited to see my flamingo framed picture with other beautiful handmade goodies.

It is just over a week away and I am so ready to show people face to face what I can create 🙂

Le Boulevard Boutique Market write up in the Leader Newspaper

Local mums create niche market

Happy weekend everyone!

Le Boulevard Boutique Market Bio

Hello everyone – Just thought I would update about the market I will be appearing at in October – just over 1 month away!

The organisers have created this beautiful website and have updated all the stall holder pictures and bios. Please click below to view mine!

Le Boulevard Boutique Market Website Bio

I very excited for this opportunity to show real people my work!

le boulevard boutique poster Joanouk

Inspiration Fridays – “Who did you notice more?”

Something I have kept in mind ever since deciding to do my first market stall was to stand out.

I already have quite bright coloured prints but it is quite a challenge coming up with a way to show them off properly .

Market Display test idea

I created these signs using my style of watercolours and ink pen. I found some giant pegs to attach them to the crates as I wanted it to be quickly interchangeable if needed.

I also have some cute miniature easels to display framed prints. Can’t wait to show them off once I find the right frames. Frames are really hard to find that have an easy hanging system!

Next to get sorted are my specialty prints – prints with a little extra for the little ones to hopefully catch their attention and interest. All should be revealed on the weekend!

I want to be the bird on the wire by themselves! What are you doing to be different?