State of Being Alphabet | J is for Jejune

This painting was a long time coming – I skipped over the letter to complete K, L and started on M.

The meaning of the word was stopping me –

J is for “Jejune”
adj. intellectually unsatisfying, shallow

How do I convey mental shallowness? I thought about doing a very simple painting or a painting then wiping away the layers to almost nothing. That would have been different. But that wouldn’t have been my new style.

What is my style? That’s the whole point of this series – to find what I love doing and what looks good. Maybe I should have been extreme like my original idea but i don’t think it would have looked good.

I am drawn to dramatic dark colours paired with selected highlighted areas. I love it, it makes my eyes dance over the canvas.

I love this painting – one of my favourites so far and I can’t wait to refine this style with the other paintings.

I would love to hear your feedback! Does this painting dance in your eyes?

Linden Postcard Show 2015

It’s very exciting when I can enter an art competition and be shown in a real gallery! I entered the postcard show last year when I was just starting out in oils. I made a few mistakes and definitely had them in mind when entering this year.

vfitzartist succulents oil on canvas 2014

Just putting anything on a canvas – I painted a picture that was disjointed. I didn’t have a vision, style or end goal (see right “succulents”, oil on canvas, 20x25cm, 2014). That is the beauty of my State of Being Alphabet Series; I have 26 paintings to try whatever I want. Unfortunately with a competition just ‘anything’ won’t win you anything and has a high chance of not being purchased.

This year I have gotten into my style ‘groove’ and took a concept I couldn’t use for the State of Being Alphabet and made a mini version. It was much more enjoyable still having that ‘free reign’ but more of a defined style to follow. (And an actual story behind the painting)

Leaving entering too late – Last year I only entered one piece because of poor planning and with high entry fees it was a bit of a bust.

This year wasn’t much better I’m afraid to say. It was about 3 weeks before the show entry deadline and I hadn’t started! Feeling resourceful I painted them in acrylics because I knew they took less time to dry and therefore I had more time to manipulate my images.

Overall I think I did well but more planning next year- I might have to paint a few small works earlier in preparation!

If you are in the area the exhibition is on at:

Linden New Arts
26 Acland Street, St Kilda 3182
19 September – 21 November 2015
I have the below two works on show and available for purchase 🙂

adj. mutually destructive
Acrylic, Modeling Paste and Ylang Ylang Sand on Canvas, 20x25cm, 2015

internecine vfitzartist textured abstract acrylic painting 2015 Melbourne Abstract Artist

adj. Melodious, resonant
Acrylic, Modeling Paste and Ylang Ylang Sand on Canvas, 20x25cm, 2015

vfitzartist canorous acrylic on canvas 2015 Melbourne Abstract Artist

State of Being Alphabet | L is for Lascivious

This painting was meant to represent a different word  and it was intended to be dark grey and black but I was drawn to the word lascivious (adj. lustful) and it just evoked ‘pink’ so it seemed more fun to paint.  I painted over the grey with a red/ orange first to try and make it glow from underneath. You can just barely see the grey in the middle area.

I loved seeing this painting come together while I added each layer of red / pink.  My favourite part would be the bottom left corner with the texture / highlights and dark tones.

L is for Lascivious
adj. lustful

State of Being Alphabet | D is for demulcent

So anyone following along will realise I’ve finished painting four “Demulcent” before painting 3 (Catharsis). That’s because I don’t normally plan my paintings thoroughly; I get a general idea or colour palette and then paint away!
Catharsis is a little bit of a train wreck because it didn’t look ‘right’ so I added more elements and more and then I had to stop. I moved onto Demulcent because I had no idea how to fix it.

I had fun painting Demulcent and layering the newspaper for texture underneath. I tried to take into account the meaning and let the painting process soothe me.

adj. Soothing.