Playing around with video

Alright – I’ve been busy but I have made my first few videos showing my painting processes!

How scary – I am not that comfortable in front of the camera just yet so I will be posting progress videos for my paintings first.

Head over to my You Tube Page to check them out! Or for more up to date videos please visit my Instagram account where I post more often.

What do you think about video? Do you think it’s better than an image?


Screenshot 2016-05-25 16.07.11


Screenshot 2016-05-25 16.08.34

Getting side tracked is a good thing – new mini series

So I’ve taken a break from my series ‘state of being alphabet’. The main aim of that series was to have fun and experiment with different effects / techniques.

I recently completed J – Jejune and I really liked painting that one. I love the textures, the sweeping brushstrokes and the deep tones I achieved with the green.

I also recently completed some smaller works for the Linden Postcard show. At only 8×10 inches (20×25.5cm) it was exciting to fit a great picture in a small space.

I bought some more 8×10’s and found one at 9.5 x13 inches and was inspired to just ‘play’. I just love these results. I didn’t have any theme in mind or a name for any of them until the end. Someone mentioned to me it (ocean depths) looks like water and it came together quickly that they all represent the ocean !

I would love to know what you think! They are all currently available for purchase on my website under ‘original art for sale’

Studio update 2015

It’s been a while so I thought I would show you some pictures of my studio.

I am very lucky to have a spare room in the house than I have claimed for my own 😀

Do you have a studio space? I would love to see it! Place a link in the comments and I will check it out 🙂



When Art Likes You Back

art gallery stock photoImage credit

Original Post on Huffington Post

Sometimes when buying art or even looking to buy a piece of art it’s not about how much it costs or who painted it.

It’s whether it will like being in your house. Will it settle in its surroundings and follow your gaze?

The article writer, John Seed asked a collector “What do you enjoy most about living with art?”

Without hesitation, he offered this description: “When the house is quiet, and everyone else is sleeping I like to go out into the dining room, turn on the lights and talk to the paintings. The ones that I like the most always have something to say to me. It’s as if they like me back.”

Pieces of art should enhance an area and create a talking point. They should make you feel happy and intrigued every time you look at them.

As a professor of Art and Art History John Seed also teaches young students and has some wise advise for them when asked what type of art they should “like”

” Taste in art is personal, and although it takes work to develop and bloom, it is innate: not learned ..letting others tell you what you should like in art strikes me as rather like having someone else to choose a spouse for you. “

When was the last time you slowed down to look closely and appreciate something? The other day I forgot to breathe properly as I was so busy.

“In a fast-moving, fast-looking media/consumerist society art can be an antidote that can wakes us up to slowness–to passion– and nudges our innate taste into wakefulness. Great art transcends the particularities of time, place and culture: it can break through limits and cultural assumptions if you let it.”

I will leave you with one last quote – but the whole article is really worth a read.

“The next time you are around a work of art, shut out everyone and everything else and open yourself up to it. Talk to the work of art and see if it talks back. If it likes you and you like it, nothing else matters.”

What was the last piece of art that grabbed your attention?