Mid Year Review 2014 – How are my goals?

Last year I set out some goals for my business – I thought mid year would be a great time to see how everything is going !

  • 400 likers on facebook. Now likers are one thing but I want people who are genuinely interested in my work.
  • Very happy to be at 490 currently and gaining more interaction with my posts. I have tried a few ‘boost post’ advertising but I didn’t really gain more interaction or likes because of them .
  • Find target market hangouts and connect. Finding a sellers page is great to help with running my store but I need to find where the buyers are!. I need to connect to retailers, blogs or facebook pages and let them know who I am.
  • Still working hard at this; I have had a few great things happen like being featured in the first issue for Winkelen magazine, I am told I have a feature in *Bespoke* Magazine for Spring (How exciting!) I have just created a profile at Gallery 247 for Australian Artists where I can list my original art and have it registered (Very important for collectors and investors) Very handy that I can enter art shows via this website too.
  • 25 Sales on madeit/ Etsy.
  • Not going so well on this front – I had an amazing March selling 2 large prints and another 8×12 but it has been pretty non existent in sales since then.
  • Research and attend different markets to see where my products fit in.
  • After my dismal market in February I decided to take a step back from physical markets and focus on internet advertising. I have one planned for November to hopefully catch the Christmas buyers but that it not confirmed yet. (Fingers Crossed!)
  • Add other product ranges / build portfolio of work
  • This one I am definitely working on; I am pushing myself to create more work and have started on my 26 painting series “State of Being Alphabet” It’s nice to have a solid subject and plan for my work. The only downside is waiting for the oil paint to dry!!
  • Keep improving photos
  • Always !! I am really trying to take as many pictures as I can it different areas / different lights. Also trying to learn about what White balance is best for those situations. By selling prints I really need those colours to be spot on!

Did you make any goals for this year? How are you going? I hope you’re smashing them !

New Year – New focus

A new year has started – and I haven’t done a blog post because I had some time to think about priorities.
Inspiration Fridays are on a hiatus at the moment because I felt pressure to do a post every week even when I didn’t feel like it. And that didn’t help my creativity at all.
I am taking things as they come this year but my plan is to produce more work and possibly dip into custom work.

Did you have any resolutions over the holidays ? I would love to hear them 🙂

Meanwhile I will leave you with this new inspiration quote.. Who have you decided to be this year?
you are whoever you want to be