Getting into the art of painting

Last year I felt I had to blog about everything to keep people up to date.

Unfortunately I am not a writer and don’t really enjoy writing so I haven’t written a blog post since November 2015. And it feels great.

I have been able to focus on planning and painting a few mini series and entering a few art competitions.

I hope to check back in here once in a while but if you ever want to keep up to date with what I am up to please follow me on Instagram. I find Instagram an amazing place visually and I love showing everyone behind the scenes works in progress.  It helps me think things through by stopping and taking a minute to think where the piece is heading.

I have entered two larger art prizes – The John Fries Award for emerging and early career artists and the Bayside Aquisitive Art Prize. Both have quite a large money prize for first place and have a high standing in the art world. I don’t think I can win first prize but it always good to dream and take a chance. I would love to at least become a finalist and be able to say that someone believes in my work enough.

This year I am a very busy person; I still work full time and this year I will also be completing a Diploma of Logistics. These won’t leave much time for painting but that is what I will do. I am going to focus on the painting side and not the blogging, promotion as such.

I hope this year will be a good one and hope yours is too!