Inspiration Fridays – “Who did you notice more?”

Something I have kept in mind ever since deciding to do my first market stall was to stand out.

I already have quite bright coloured prints but it is quite a challenge coming up with a way to show them off properly .

Market Display test idea

I created these signs using my style of watercolours and ink pen. I found some giant pegs to attach them to the crates as I wanted it to be quickly interchangeable if needed.

I also have some cute miniature easels to display framed prints. Can’t wait to show them off once I find the right frames. Frames are really hard to find that have an easy hanging system!

Next to get sorted are my specialty prints – prints with a little extra for the little ones to hopefully catch their attention and interest. All should be revealed on the weekend!

I want to be the bird on the wire by themselves! What are you doing to be different?