State of Being Alphabet | J is for Jejune

This painting was a long time coming – I skipped over the letter to complete K, L and started on M.

The meaning of the word was stopping me –

J is for “Jejune”
adj. intellectually unsatisfying, shallow

How do I convey mental shallowness? I thought about doing a very simple painting or a painting then wiping away the layers to almost nothing. That would have been different. But that wouldn’t have been my new style.

What is my style? That’s the whole point of this series – to find what I love doing and what looks good. Maybe I should have been extreme like my original idea but i don’t think it would have looked good.

I am drawn to dramatic dark colours paired with selected highlighted areas. I love it, it makes my eyes dance over the canvas.

I love this painting – one of my favourites so far and I can’t wait to refine this style with the other paintings.

I would love to hear your feedback! Does this painting dance in your eyes?

Working on multiple paintings

I am really enjoying painting now that I am working on three paintings at the same time; I think it is a perfect number. I can start one painting and then while that is drying I can start another and then the last one. I then go back to the first one and add a few more layers.

‘Maelstrom’ has a very thick impasto (Impasto is a technique used in painting, where paint is laid on an area of the surface (or the entire canvas) very thickly, usually thickly enough that the brush or painting-knife strokes are visible.) effect so I won’t be touching that one for a while.

I also love that I can experiment with the same technique but in slightly different ways. This series is also about trying new things without sticking to a colour scheme or only one method.

Jejune is a hard one to interpret because the meaning is ‘intellectually unsatisfying, shallow’. I love using textures and layers so I can’t bring myself to be paired back. This may be one painting that everyone can interpret differently.

It will be a great joy and achievement to complete these three paintings and be able to move onto the others in this series.

I would love to hear your opinions on my progress so far! Let me know in the comments 🙂

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State of Being Alphabet | K is for Kismet

Painting 11.

This started as being J – Jejune (adj. intellectually unsatisfying, shallow) but I couldn’t grasp it. It didn’t feel right; it had too much texture and depth. Not good for a painting supposedly portraying shallowness.

This series of paintings is a journey for me to find my style and what I love doing. And I think I am getting there; after finishing Galvanic I found myself interested by the depths and highlights of colours I achieved.
The drama that could be found in the colours and textures was captivating and I wanted to do it again.

Kismet is about destiny and fate. Is everything predetermined?
I believe our destiny is a multitude of possibilities. It is the choices we make today that aligns the way to our kismet.

K is for ‘kismet’
n. destiny, fate

State of Being Alphabet | I is for Insouciant

Painting number 9!

This painting again started with only a colour and no plan. On one hand this is nerve wracking as I have no idea which direction it will go in but if I had a concrete plan it might not have turned out like this.
There were a few stages to this and sometimes I thought it was looking pretty and delicate but it wasn’t the strong colours or textures that I am growing to love. So I kept going and carefully evaluating things at each stage.
The original painting was meant to be simple: two halves, one cobalt blue and one a lighter blue at the top. I was going to add in heavy white impasto brush strokes vertically to join the two sections. I think was was a little too simple so I tried to add ‘more’ to it.
I love the clouds at the top. They were delicate, blended in and had small brush strokes. I really wanted them to stay but they were too delicate for my style, so I added more dimensions and a tinge of pink.
The bottom half was cobalt blue, which turned into water reflections which turned into impasto green, white and merlot red.

I try to not add too much but I know a painting is more interesting with layers. I hope you enjoy the paintings story and I hope you enjoy looking at it.

I is for “Insouciant”
adj. Carefree, unconcerned

As always I would love to hear your feedback – any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!