Getting side tracked is a good thing – new mini series

So I’ve taken a break from my series ‘state of being alphabet’. The main aim of that series was to have fun and experiment with different effects / techniques.

I recently completed J – Jejune and I really liked painting that one. I love the textures, the sweeping brushstrokes and the deep tones I achieved with the green.

I also recently completed some smaller works for the Linden Postcard show. At only 8×10 inches (20×25.5cm) it was exciting to fit a great picture in a small space.

I bought some more 8×10’s and found one at 9.5 x13 inches and was inspired to just ‘play’. I just love these results. I didn’t have any theme in mind or a name for any of them until the end. Someone mentioned to me it (ocean depths) looks like water and it came together quickly that they all represent the ocean !

I would love to know what you think! They are all currently available for purchase on my website under ‘original art for sale’

New Painting “Internecine”

I loved creating this painting. This is painted for the Linden Postcard Show in September this year.

I realised I only had 3 weeks left to enter so I painted this with acrylics. I haven’t used them on canvas in a while and it was such fun reacting to them as they dry so quickly I had to change some of my techniques while still trying to keep my style.

I used modeling paste and sand to create texture.

adj. mutually destructive